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Oculoplasty is the art and science of plastic surgery around the eye. Oculoplasty deals with the structures surrounding the eyeball.

The eyeball is a delicate structure, protected by eyelids in front and the bony cup (socket) behind. The nerves, arteries and muscles, which carry messages to the brain, are behind the eyeball.
  • Conditions that can be treated
  • Eyelids

    • Ptosis

    • Entropion

    • Ectropion

    • Eyelid tumors

    • Lid tearrepairs with grafts and flaps


    • Orbital Fracture

    • Thyroid decompression

    • Orbital tumors

    • Enucleation/ evisceration

    • Socket reconstruction

    • Customized prosthesis

    • Lacrimal (eye watering) DCR, probing, intubations.


    • Blepharoplasty

    • Scar modification

    • Eyelid Retraction