5 benefits of male nose surgery

Have you ever come across a person who likes all aspects of their nose?? It is very difficult, as they may not liking something or the other and want to try and change it!! Every person, especially males, have a nose that may not match with their profile. Around 75% of males are not fond of their nose and complain that their nose does not match the rest of their face. Nose surgery is a very common and popular Cosmetic Plastic surgery that most men choose to opt for. Nose surgery is the prominent choice that they make to enhance their physical appearance.

Our nose is structured in such a way that people recognize us through our nose as it flattens all the other parts of our face, especially in males. So nose surgery is very beneficial as it improves the appearance of a person. After the surgery, the nose gives a much better balance to one’s facial symmetry.

Other indications for men to undergo nose surgery are to correct nose damage or a deviated septum, related to sporting injuries, vehicle mishaps, or other traumas to the nose. Sometimes, to avoid unwanted mean comments about the shape or size of the nose.

Benefits of Nose Surgery :

1. Increased self-confidence:

When you look good, you feel good. Improvements to appearance naturally translate to increased self-confidence for men, which means a greater willingness to try new things or open up in social situations. You may also be willing to participate in certain activities but you had to avoid them before surgery, due to your discomfort and low self-confidence because of the structure of your nose. You will be able to gather the courage to participate after the surgery as it boosts your self-confidence.

2. Enhanced mental health:

Mental health benefits can be gained from this surgery as well. Some people find it very difficult to socialize due to a lack of confidence. People have noticed a reduction in social anxiety after this surgery. This surgery helps in developing new feelings of self-appreciation and acceptance with their new look. It is not unusual o feel greater control over your life, become more willing to take on new challenges, or take charge of your life in a whole new way.

3. Improved physical health;

This surgery can improve your physical health as well as your physical appearance. It is proved to be beneficial in both ways. Nose surgery may improve your breathing at the same time it improves the aesthetics of the nose. It may improve your breathing problems, chronic stuffiness, postnasal drip, and even snoring.

4. Improved physical appearance:

It enhances the size, shape, and contouring of the nose. Helps to remove unattractive features like a bump on the bridge of the nose. Brings your nose in proportion to the other facial features. It also brings the tip of the nose up or down according to the needs. It offers a basic symmetry to the nose and nostrils. Corrects structural problems and gives balance to the face.

5. More opportunities:

Some studies suggest that people with more attractive facial features may enjoy more professional and personal opportunities. A 2012 study published in Applied Economics found that attractive agents were able to sell more properties and at higher rates than the less attractive ones. Other studies have also found that people with attractive facial features make higher salaries and get selected for promotions more often. The nose is a very crucial part of the face. Hence it plays a very important role in the personality of any male.

There are a lot of reasons for which males should consider nose surgery today. After a successful procedure, you may also discover benefits from this surgery that you never realized would ever occur.

At Luxor Hospital, we ensure you with a positive outcome as a skilled, experienced and a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon surgeon will perform the surgery. Dr. Saumya Nayak has been performing nose surgeries on patients for years now and uses techniques that will provide you with natural, beautiful and best results.

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June 30, 2021

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