luxor hospital

Luxor hospital is an exclusive state of art hospital run by Board Certified Plastic, Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr.Saumya Nayak. It was established in August 2017 and has been offering hassle-free Plastic, Cosmetic and Hair Transplant services since then. Luxor Hospital is well equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology of the highest quality.

Luxor Hospital is dedicated exclusively to top Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, where all patients are operated and taken care of exclusively by Dr Saumya Nayak himself.

Dr.Saumya Nayak adopt’s a positive and safe approach for tailoring treatment with each patient according to what is most suitable for them. He also believe in addressing any underlying issues that might be causing or aggravating the aesthetic problems, to give the best results.

Our highly skilled and experienced Board Certified Cosmetic, Plastic and Hair Transplant Surgeon is committed to providing the best in patient care, advice, and support. With the expert attention and commitment of our clinical and administrative team, patients are supported through every step of their journey with the resources required to make fully informed decisions.

His focus is on providing a uniquely personal experience and the highest quality care to help you look and feel your best.


Our vision is to be the premier center renowned for treating each patient with unparalleled care and compassion, employing cutting-edge technology. We strive to earn the trust of every individual while becoming a beacon of excellence and national pride.


Our mission is to deliver exceptional aesthetic surgery services, combining excellence with affordability, ensuring our professional mastery is accessible to all those in need, and making a difference one patient at a time.

Luxor Hospital