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Belt Plasty


Belt Plasty

belt plasty

Belt Plasty also known as Body Lift Surgery is performed to address post Bariatic surgery skin laxity.

The following can opt for Belt Lift procedure:

  • If you have significant loose tissues in multiple body areas.

  • If you are a healthy individual with no medical conditions.

  • If you wish to have a firmer and youthful body.

  • If you wish to improve the shape and tone of your body.

Following kinds of body lift surgery can be opted for:

  • Lower Body Lift

    It is also known as belt lipectomy that is performed to contour thighs, buttocks, and hips. This procedure also helps in treating cellulite. Lower body lift surgery can be combined with abdominoplasty for better results.

  • Upper Body Lift

    It is also known as Torsoplasty that is performed to remove fat/ excess skin from arms, abdomen and breast. Arms will be treated through an arm lift procedure and breast through breast lift procedure.

Expected outcome

  • The lower body lift reshapes the buttock that is low or flat or unevenly shaped.

  • It also reshapes groin that has sagged into the inner thigh.

  • The upper body lift reshapes under or upper arms; Sagging breast post delivery or weight loss; Back with excess skin.