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Brazilian Buttock Lift


Brazilian Buttock Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift it is a surgical procedure of Fat Grafting in order to make buttocks look firm.

This procedure lets you have a curvy looking buttock - a determinant of the female beauty.

The following can opt for Brazilian Butt Lift procedure:

  • If you want to bulk up your deflating buttocks.

  • If you wish for a firm and rounder shape buttock.

Expected outcome

  • You will have more firm and curvy buttocks.

  • You will have improved aesthetic of the body outline.


  • The procedure is done on an outpatient basis under the influence of general anaesthesia.

  • You will be discharged on the same day.

  • It involves harvesting fat from the fleshy areas of the body and then replanting it in the butt area - This technique is called Fat Grafting.

  • Fat can even be grafted from the side of the buttock as well to make the peak more pronounced.

  • The outcome will depend as per the patient's needs and desires.

Post Operation

  • Oral medication will control the initial discomfort.

  • Bruising and sensitivity will last for one to two week.

  • Swelling will disappear progressively.

Why Brazilian Butt Lift

Prior to BBL procedure, silicone implants were used widely. These possessed the risks and complications as well with not so natural looking results. Brazilian Butt Lift offers following advantages:

  • Natural appearance.

  • Minimal Recovery Time.

  • Minimal Scarring.

  • No implant related complications.

  • Better looking butts.