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Liposuction is a procedure to permanently remove the subcutaneous fatty tissues from the areas not responding to diet and exercise. Liposuction also helps you in body sculpting, creating six-pack abs, and calf-shaping.

Are you looking for a great way to remove fat in the stubborn areas that are likely resistant to diet and exercise? A Liposuction is a persuasive approach for people that aim for body contouring and reshaping. Interestingly, Liposuction is the most sought-after major plastic surgery procedure. One of the primary reasons Liposuction has skyrocketed over the past few years is due to social media, which is bombarded with pictures of chiseled abs and toned bodies. Many people find that aspirational and want to emulate a similar look. Liposuction procedure can be used for hips, thighs, abdomen, knees, ankles, arms, face, chest, chin, and neck.

A closer look at Liposuction

Understand that Liposuction is absolutely ideal for body contouring, but it is not a magic wand. It is a popular surgical body contouring procedure that removes excess fat via a thin tube called a cannula attached to a vacuum. The most common treatment areas for liposuction are thighs, abdomen, flanks, arms, back, hips, neck, buttocks, chest, face, and ankles. This article uncovers the common misconceptions every aspiring patient must know.

Realize, Liposuction is not a great way for weight loss.

If you’re someone looking to shed pounds of weight or get rid of cellulite, Liposuction is not for you! Guard your expectations because it is not a magical procedure to gift your desired curves overnight. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure to remove excess fats from localized areas, intending to provide patients with a leaner, more balanced look. Liposuction is not a means of substantial weight loss. With the advent of technology, there are different types and methods of Liposuction. It is vital to consult an experienced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon before undergoing this procedure.

The following can opt for Liposuction:

  • If you have localized collections of excess fat resistant to diet and exercise.

  • If you want to change the contours of your body.

  • If you are near your ideal weight and want permanent contour changes.

  • If you desire permanent solution for your body contour abnormalities.

Expected Outcome

  • You will have enhanced contour.

  • Your contours will improve as the swelling subsides.

  • The results are permanent. But, increase in weight or obesity can lead to rippling of the skin in treated areas.

  • Liposuction doesn't treat obesity.

  • Fat gain post surgery will occur at the areas that are not treated.


  • Liposuction procedure is carried on an outpatient basis under the influence of general anaesthesia.

  • The small and discreet incisions are made in the areas to be treated.

  • A microannula is inserted into the incisions and its other end is attached to a suction machine.

  • A limited amount of tissue can only be removed at a time in order to maintain a margin of safety.

Post Operation Care

  • You will be able to walk on the same day of the surgery

  • You will go home with a compression garment covering the treated areas

  • This compression is advised for three to four weeks and it assists in reducing the swelling

  • You will be able to resume your professional life in four to six days

  • You will observe the final results in two to three months.

  • You should avoid the sun rays till all bruising has subsided and used a sunscreen regularly.