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Breast Asymmetry


Breast Asymmetry

Each breast of almost all women is asymmetrical with each other.

For some women though, there is a vast discrepancy between both the breasts.

These differences are sometimes noticeable and these women can opt for the breast asymmetry correction surgery.

You can opt for Breast Asymmetry correction surgery if:

  • If you have congenital asymmetry of the breasts.

  • Asymmetry following trauma, tumor excision or infection.

  • If you have an asymmetry of nipple areola complex.

Expected outcome

  • You will have symmetrical breasts.

  • Rejuvenated confidence.

  • Improved balance in breast size and shape.

  • Comfortable cloth fitting.


  • The procedure is carried under general anaesthesia.

  • You will be discharged on the same day.

  • An incision will be made at an agreed-upon entry point which normally is on the underside of the breast.

  • An appropriately sized implant is placed in the smaller breast for correcting the asymmetry.

  • Stitches are then applied.

  • The opposite breast may need some kind of reduction/lift procedure to achieve symmetry.

Post Operation Care

  • A support bandage or compression garment will be provided to you.

  • Oral medications are prescribed to avoid any sort of discomfort.

  • Non-dissolvable stitches will be removed within a week post surgery.

  • You will have to avoid lifting any heavy weights for four to six weeks post surgery.