Cosmetic Surgery

Yes, all good and quality things in life come at a price!!
And one has be ready to shell it out to achieve something worthwhile!!

Now let us find out why Cosmetic treatments and Cosmetic Plastic surgeries have a certain price tag attached to it…

  1. First and the most important thing is these wonderful surgeries/treatments are done by a extremely well trained doctors who are known as Plastic Surgeons. It takes a minimum of 12 years to become a specialist Plastic surgeon following which he / she spends atleast a year or 2 more learning the nuances of Cosmetic surgery through various fellowships. Hence a highly qualified person performs all these procedures and hence a basic price tag.
  2. The kind of hospital setup and instruments involved in giving one a great result also has to be up to date.  People opting for these procedures have a basic minimum expectation out of the facilities they get at the hospital checkout canceltimesharegeek. To build and maintain them comes at a price!
  3. High expectations need to be matched : the patients have very high expectations of the results too, so a Plastic Surgeon never takes a chance with the quality of products/disposables used in the operation theatre. Even the ot time is used optimally and no hurry is done during these procedures as these are elective surgeries and one wants to give the best result in the first time itself!
  4. Very less margin of error with these procedures which also have great standards attached to them and a basic price tag.
  5. One needs to be differentiated from the many other “not so qualified” people trying to jump into the field and do the same. Generally a Plastic Surgeon being the only “real” qualified one doing these procedures with all the standards in place is the highest and optimally priced as well!
  6. Constant updation required to keep up the world standards in Cosmetic surgery and treatments eg latest Books, attending various subject specific conferences, most advanced laser machines and newer technologies etc…
  7. No government schemes/insurance etc to cover / protect these procedures which further add upto a certain premium cost
  8. High indemnity insurances are required to be taken by specialist Plastic surgeons as unfortunately if some mishap occurs, it needs to be covered well
  9. 18% GST on it… Very unfortunate but true scenario. Hence the Government itself wants us to price these in a higher segment.
  10. These are really life changing / confidence boosting procedures which can do a life Good of difference to a patient and again these come at a basic price due to the value offered
  11. Also, nowadays it is observed that people hesitate in paying for their good health and think of it as a waste of their money eg All will surely have car and mobile insurances but not all have health insurance. This fact too makes Cosmetic surgery/treatment’s costs look steep although they are not so and normally placed.
  12.  Client more than a patient :Some times, Cosmetic surgery patients behave in way as if they are clients out for shopping more than patients. This business like scenario has again made a premium price tag for these procedures.
    Hence although we all (as Plastic Surgeons fraternity) would like them to be priced in a way that all can take benefit out of these wonderful life changing procedures, there is a basic premium price tag attached to them which is absolutely worthwhile if undertaken for the right indications with the right people (ie Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons)!!

Credits :  (Blog By : Dr. Saumya Nayak)

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December 18, 2020

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