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Dimple Creation


Dimple Creation

Dimples on cheeks are the sign of cuteness. With the demand of an eye-catching smile, most of the people look forward to enhancing it by dimple creation.


  • Done under local anesthesia, Luxor Hospital provides procedures for cheek and chin irrespective of their size and shape.

  • The procedure is done on an outpatient basis.

  • An intra oral incision is made to create a dimple on one or both the sides of the cheek.

  • After the procedure, the dimples may be visible at all the time.

  • After a few days, they should relax into a natural position so that the dimples are only visible when you are smiling as with the natural dimples.

Post Operation Care

  • You should avoid eating hot, cold, and spicy food for a few hours post surgery.