Face Liposuction Contouring


Face Liposuction Contouring is tailored to remove localized fat deposits that have accumulated in areas surrounding the face such as jowls, cheeks, chin, and neck area. These compartments possess maximal skin movement and the gathering of fat represents the wear and tear of the tissues.

The fat cells gradually get larger and never seem to get any smaller though you follow a stringent diet or perform weight reduction exercises. These fatty deposits beneath the skin are usually inert to ordinary weight loss techniques.

However, liposuction of the face should not be viewed as an alternative to weight reduction even though the results quite replicate that of generalized weight loss. Liposuction is effective in augmenting facial contour. The procedure can be viewed as a means to refine one’s already attractive features.


After anesthesia is administered prior to the liposuction of the face, a local sedative is given for the patient to be comfortable during the procedure. It is performed under local anesthesia that numbs the area to be treated or makes the patient asleep if general anesthesia is being opted.

A board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon begins with a small incision near the areas of treatment. A blunt, long, hollow drainage tube is inserted beneath the skin. At the opposite end of the tube, a high power suction unit is attached and the machine has a collective system of two bottles that reveal the amount of fat and liquid being extracted. The surgeon controls the extractor instrument in the tissue beneath the skin, separating the tiny fat tissue globules with minutes the fat cells are loosened and sucked away by the vacuum pressure.

The extractor also will sculpt the underlying fat to re-contour the facial balance and harmony. A clear suction tubing to leverage the surgeon with immediate, direct visualization of the aspired fat. This observation tube provides a close indication of the kind of material being extracted. After its completion, few sutures are used to close the incision, leaving little or no visible scarring. The incisions are unnoticeably made in discreet places like natural folds of the skin.

Following the cosmetic procedure, a snug adhesive elastic dressing is placed all over the treated area. Compression to the areas not only helps reduce skin discoloration and swelling but also prevents fluid accumulation. The dressing is placed for the skin to adhere properly and conform smoothly to the shape of the underlying tissue.

Things you should avoid after treatment:

Avoid heavy lifting and putting a lot of pressure on your body. Bending or strenuous activities should be restricted during the recuperative time.

Patients can likely return to their work within five days or sooner if they take utmost care and cover the treated area with a scarf or turtleneck garment. If the incisions are in the mouth, their diet may be restricted. Just follow your surgeon’s postoperative instructions meticulously to minimize the risk of complications.


  • Helps you look younger.
  • Refines the tone of your face.
  • Gets you rid of double chin and sagging skin.
  • Enhances your facial features.
  • Contours your cheeks and offers a sharp jawline.


  • Contour irregularities- The skin may appear bumpy, withered, or wavy due to uneven fat removal and poor skin elasticity.
  • Fluid accumulation near the areas of treatment.
  • Temporary Numbness around the treated areas.
  • Infection and swelling.
  • Fat embolism.
  • But all these are extremely rare and manageable side effects!!

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June 15, 2021

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