Hair Transplant Surgery – Who Can Opt For It?

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When all kinds of hair fall control oils, supplements and shampoos fail to show results on your scalp, you start thinking about a Hair Transplant Surgery. As it is a medical and surgical process, you might be skeptical and worried initially. Well, don’t be…!!

Several research studies confirm that every year India is witnessing a 25-30% steep rise in successful hair transplant rate for both men and women. The success of your hair transplant is highly dependent on two factors – which clinic you select and your present physical condition/stage of baldness.

What makes you an ideal candidate for hair transplant surgery?

In this blog, we will try to help you with both of these determining factors of a hair transplant surgery so that you can take a wise call easily and be happy with your hairstyle very soon.

Coming to your physical condition, the surgeons consider each case distinct and different. Also, leading surgeons of reputed hair transplant clinics like Luxor Hospital (Vadodara) suggest the following conditions which make a candidate ideal for hair transplant surgery :

a) Age
One needs to be 18+ years of age to do a hair restoration surgery. As the problem of hair loss aces with age, many a times surgeons prefer patients who do this at the age of 25+ to tackle the problem of progressive hair loss.

b) Gender
Any man facing the problem of continuous and consistent hair loss can opt for hair transplant. However, not all women are ideal for this as their donor areas are sometimes unstable. Women facing the problem of hairline recession and vertex thinning can count on hair transplant surgery with great results, once they consult a professional Board Certified Plastic and Hair Transplant Surgeon.

c) Hair Recovery Results
Not every hair transplant case has the same outcome. At the start of the treatment, your surgeon can give you a fair idea on how much of your hair will be recovered based on your present condition. Women at Class 3 level on the Ludwig Scale and men at Class 7 on the Nor-wood Scale can also expect good results on opting for a hair transplant surgery.

As mentioned earlier, every case of Hair Transplant is different. Feel free to get in touch and discuss your hair transplant case with experienced surgeons (who are Board Certified Plastic and Hair Transplant Surgeons) of the best Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Country – Luxor Hospital, to learn more.

Hair Transplant Before And After
November 22, 2019

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