Hollywood peel

Sometimes taking care of your skin on a daily basis becomes quite a hassle. During busy schedules, there is a lack of time to have a proper skincare, and even if you do so, the routine doesn’t always work out for some people.

There are innumerable treatments to get a healthy and rejuvenating skin but it’s a dilemma to choose what would work best according to your skin type. You might need consultation to be able to decide what’s best for you.

Hollywood laser peel

Hollywood laser peel is one such treatment which helps your skin to look healthier and rejuvenated. It is not just about the appearance of your skin, but it would actually make you feel the difference. The name is derived as ‘Hollywood peel’ as most of the celebrities opt for the treatment more often than anyone. The reason why all the personalities have a spotless and clear skin is because they believe this treatment makes their skin feel alive and free from spots and blemishes. The Hollywood peel is also known as spectra peel or carbon peel. This procedure includes exfoliating and resurfacing to enhance the smooth appearance of your skin by eliminating pores, pigmentation, wrinkles, and acne.


The procedure comprises three steps. 

Hollywood Peel

The first step is started by applying a layer of carbon on the skin and heat is used to penetrate it deeper into the 

skin. The laser process helps skin to break down the 

melanin and naturally cleanses the skin. The carbon layer is then removed along with which the dead skin layer is also wiped out resulting into a glowing skin. This procedure takes almost 30 mins to complete. The best thing is there is no downtime, and reduces the hassle of other long time surgeries. Hollywood peel is a very effective, efficient, and easy treatment.

Benefits of Hollywood Peel treatment
  • You can go back to your routine activities immediately as there is no downtime
  • This is the only treatment which is safe and suitable for all the skin types
  • You can see an immediate results that reduces the visibility of lines and wrinkles
  • The chances of acne scarrings is very less after this treatment
  • It is quick, reliable, comfortable, and effective

Who is eligible for Hollywood peel treatment?

This treatment is perfectly suitable for all the skin types, but the skin which is moderately damaged and less harmed can experience more effective results as compared to other ones.If the skin is more damaged, you might be suggested to take this frequently. If your skin is normal or healthy, this treatment is best to be opted before special occasions, for a glowing result. It is a great way to look your best in your daily routine as well. The Hollywood Peel is performed with great safety and expertise, which benefits you for a longer time and a consistently healthy skin.

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December 24, 2020

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