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Hymen Reconstruction


Hymen Reconstruction

Hymen reconstruction also known as Hymenorrhaphy surgery is a temporary surgical restoration of the hymen

A ring-like structure that sits in the lower part of the vagina is called the Hymen. It is a membrane which partially closes the opening of the vagina

The following can opt for Hymen reconstruction surgery:

  • Any female whose hymen is broken due to various reasons like: sexual intercourse, use of tampons, physical activities, accidents or other traumas.

Expected Outcome

  • You will have a reconstructed hymen.

  • You will have tightened vaginal walls.


  • This procedure is carried on an outpatient basis under the influence of general anaesthesia/sedation with local anesthesia.

  • An incision is made in the vaginal membrane and both the sides are pulled to stitched together.

Post Operation Care

  • You can return to work on the next day of the operation.

  • Stitches dissolve over the period of two weeks.

  • Oral medications control the initial mild discomfort.