Lip filler Contouring treatment

Want to pout perfectly for selfies?

Here is Lip filler Contouring treatment for you!

Ever felt like changing your original lip into beautiful kissable plumper lips? Lips always have a special place in making you look confident. Especially ladies who wear makeup ought to have a perfect lip so that it doesn’t take much of the time in stressing lip makeup. We don’t pout if our lips are not getting fillers. Thus, it’s time to think of Lip Filler Contouring.

Want a Lip filler shot?

To embrace your hidden beauty just by making a little effort and the right technique that results in the look you desire. Lip fillers are injections that are used to alter the original lip into plumper and full appearance. These injections comprise hyaluronic acid that will make your lip appear more enhanced in shape and texture. The hyaluronic acid injection helps the filler method to support and shape the tissues of the lips. It can control the desired lip volume that the person needs.

Lip Filler is not a permanent procedure. The injection taken during the lip filler process may need to be taken again to plump up the lip shape and to regain the perfect pout you need while taking selfies.

How is lip augmentation performed?

Before the hyaluronic acid injection is used on the lips, the person needs to decide the correct measure of alteration that he or she desires to see. The shape, volume, and structure of the lip are thus decided before injecting the dermal filler to prepare the person beforehand for the result of this injection. This process can be performed even in a clinic within 15 to 30 minutes. 

The doctor uses some topical or local numbing agent before the injections are used just to ease the discomfort of the person undergoing lip filler contouring. Chances are, that the whole area of the lip is numbed using nerve block injections before treatment begins. Then, the area is marked where the injection needs to be applied. After that, very fine needles are used to inject the substance into the lips during the procedure. 

In the end, to control swelling and reduce the discomfort, doctors recommend applying ice on the processed area is suggested. Lipstick, bam, or any other lip products needs to be avoided immediately after the procedure.

The immediate difference can be noticed after the filler process and your lips would feel natural again.

Benefits of Lip Filler Contouring:

Can you ever imagine changing your lip shape according to your own will? Yes, now you can with this modern procedure of Lip contouring. The key benefits of Lip Filler Contouring are:

  1. You can have control over deciding lip volume you desired to attain after this procedure
  2. It is a gradual process that helps you to analyse the effects after each session of lip contouring.
  3. Long-lasting yet not the permanent desired result can be observed once the process is done.
  4. Hyaluronic acid filler is constituted of substances similar to that of the body because of which less allergic reaction can be seen.

Risks involved in Lip Filler Contouring:

The rare risks involved are as mentioned below:

  • Swelling 
  • Bruising
  • Redness in the area where the injection is injected
  • Itching

Precautions to be taken:

Few things are needed to be taken after the lip filler procedure to avoid worsening the effect:

Stop drinking: Drinking alcohol will lead to thinning of blood which may cause inflammation and bruising worse after the filler process. It may also make the swelling worse for the lips. Thus, the person having lip contouring needs to avoid drinking at least for a few days after the treatment.

Stop smoking: Smoking increases the chances of infection which is dangerous for the lip filler process. The person should not only quit smoking immediately but also needs to stay away from others who smoke.

Cost of Lip Filler Contouring:

The desired result of lip filler contouring can be seen in about 2 weeks once the swelling and bruising go down. However, this treatment will once again make you fall in love with your lips and selfies. This treatment costs 50,000 to 1,00,000 in India for cheek augmentation. The cost per injection for lip filler contouring is Rs.25,000 (plus or minus) depending on the type of filler being used.

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September 9, 2021

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