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Multiple Lipoma Removal


Multiple Lipoma Removal

A benign tumour, the lipoma is composed of body fat and is the most common benign kind of soft tissue tumour.

These are soft, movable and painless. Commonly, found in adults, they are generally small under 1 cm but can enlarge up to 6 cm.

The following can opt for this procedure:

  • If your lumps are large and interfere with your regular activities.

  • If the lump location causes the discomfort.

  • If you are experiencing continuous pain.

If you have any of the above symptoms but are otherwise medically fit.

Expected Outcome

  • You will be relieved from the bumpy skin.


  • The procedure will be carried under local anaesthesia.

  • The lipomas will be removed via minimal incisions.

  • Multiple lumps that are close to each other are also removed through single incision resulting in minimum scarring.

Post Operation Care

  • All the stitches dissolve and do not require removal.

  • Oral medications are used for initial discomfort