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Otoplasty - Ear Reshaping


Otoplasty - Ear Reshaping

Otoplasty or an Ear Shaping Surgery is a surgical procedure to create a more natural ear contour and restore the facial balance/symmetry.

It is generally done for Prominent Ears.

In the event that you have distorted or projecting ears or you have a youngster who does, an otoplasty might be the right option for you. Otoplasty is a surgery to adjust variations from the norm in the structure of the ear.

The surgery is regularly focused for kids who are aged 5 or over. A few grown-ups also additionally have corrective ear reshaping surgery. Otoplasty can rectify strangely expansive ears; "cut ear," which implies your ear tip creases down, and drifts forward; or "shell ear," which implies certain components of an ordinary ear are lost, for example, the bend in the external edge and other regular folds.


  • Fortunately, therapeutic headways have made it significantly less demanding to experience an otoplasty. Right now, there are a few ways the ear can be reshaped.

  • All incisions/stitches are behind the ear so invisible. The surgery is done on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia with or without sedation or general anaesthesia.

Post Operation Care

  • When you are sent home, you will have a dressing on the ear.

  • The stitches are removed around a week post surgery.

  • You should wear your dressing for around one week.