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Scar Removal


Scar Removal

Scar revision treatment aims to improve the appearance of scars.

Whether the scar on your face is a result of an accident, burns, surgery, acne or birth, scarring occurs when multiple layers of the skin are affected. Scar once formed, is permanent. It can be made less visible with the help of surgery. Scarring if not taken seriously can also affect the functions of eyes, mouth, hand or nose.

The condition of the scar depends on the initial damage to your skin. Worse the damage, worse the scar. Moreover, it also depends on your skin colour, age, diet, and lifestyle. These factors contribute to how your skin reacts to the damage.

Should you go for scar revision treatment?

Good health is the basic imperative for surgery. Our experienced team at Luxor Hospital makes sure that a careful discussion and understanding of your requirements is carried primarily. It is vital to understand that the scar can’t be removed permanently. It can be disguised, relocated, and minimized.

Like each patient, each scar has a different story to tell and requires a different kind of expertise. The treatment of scars is individualistic and depends on how a patient reacts. All the possibilities along with the results will be discussed as the treatment may include more than one technique as well.

Variety of scars

There are several kinds of scars:

  • Atrophic scar – It is sunken or a pitted scar which you may get after acne or chickenpox.

  • Contracture scar – It causes tightening of the skin and also affects the movement in affected area. You may get this scar in case of burns or in the tissue around an implant(nose, buttock or breast).

  • Hypertrophic scar – It is a red and raised scar which you get post surgery. This scar fades and softens spontaneously but can take many years.

  • Keloid scar – It is also a red, raised scar which extends beyond the original injury/boundary and never becomes soft or flat without plastic surgical intervention.

  • Stretch marks – It occurs when the skin is stretched rapidly eg rapid weight gain, pregnancy etc.

Making the right decision

The choice of a right and board certified plastic surgeon plays an important role in the cosmetic and plastic surgery. With the collective experience of many years, the team at Luxor Hospital strives to give you the best results.