Which is more beneficial and effective- a Hair Transplant or Wig??

Hair loss or Baldness is one of the most embarrassing situations that both men and women are facing globally. More than 50% of people are facing this problem. It has a huge impact on one’s physical appearance, which reflects upon the personality. It makes you self-conscious and hampers your personal growth. It can occur anytime during your life and causes psychological distress.

The causes of hair loss can be multitudinous. It could be a result of hormonal changes, hereditary, anaemia, thyroid or as a part of normal aging. Hair has been associated as a characteristic of a person’s charm. Hence, it is a very sensitive concern for people which leads to psychological stress like anxiety and depression.

At Luxor Hospital, we have a team of professionals (headed by our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr Saumya Nayak), working towards finding solutions for this havoc situation. Hair transplant treatment is the solution to permanently get rid of baldness. However, people are stuck in the dilemma to choose between a hair transplant or wig.

Hair Transplant:

Hair transplant is a surgical cosmetic procedure performed under local anaesthesia to treat hair loss. It is a procedure that involves the extraction of hair follicles from side and back area of the scalp and grafting the same follicles on the balding areas of the scalp.


  • Hair transplant is the permanent one-time solution for your problem of hair loss and baldness.
  • It will give you a natural look as the procedure involves extraction of natural hair follicles from the patient’s scalp which will grow.
  • The grafted hair stands grow naturally so it requires minimal care and maintenance.
  • Maintaining transplanted hair is as easy and simple as maintaining your natural hair.
  • You can perform any physical activity throughout the period of your treatment.


The full and perfect result of a hair transplant surgery can take around 6 months. It cannot give overnight results. But once you see the natural results, you will be awed!!

Hair Wigs:

Wigs are hair pieces made with synthetic material or natural hair to cover the bald patches of the head. The patients can choose according to their preferences as wigs are available in wide range of style, colour and length.


  • Wigs are instant solution to bald ness.
  • They can be worn and removed as per the patient’s convenience and wish.


  • Wearing a wig can be very uncomfortable. Especially during hot summers, it can cause infections or rash on the scalp.
  • Wearing a wig give a completely unnatural look.
  • Wigs need meticulous attention for maintenance which involves very strict hair care routine.
  • Wig caps usually tend to hinder the natural hair growth.
  • It is practically not possible for anyone to perform any physical activity like exercise or swim while wearing a wig.

It is very clear from the above mentioned points that undergoing a hair transplant treatment is a better and safer option than wearing a wig. With the advancement in technology it is no longer difficult, painful or challenging to find a permanent solution for hair loss. It is the permanent solution to hair loss and baldness.

It is dermatologically tested and proven to show results. It is a sophisticated replacement of old techniques of covering your bald patches with artificial hair. It is done with utmost care and highest levels of hygiene. It offers you natural hair growth and the results are long lasting.

Hence, a Hair Transplant is always better and more effective than a wig!!

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June 19, 2021

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